Table of Contents

Gamutvision 1.4 does not require  purchase or registration. It is fully functional as soon as you install it.
(Gamutvision 1.3.7 registration did not work on Windows 10.)
Please write us at if you have questions.
Gamutvision Tour - Explore color spaces, gamut mappings, and rendering intents
Structure - Example - Display summary - Profile downloads - Image color difference - Applications, tips - Links
Installation - and getting started
Install - Purchase - Register - Offline registration - Files
Using Gamutvision Part 1 - Explore color spaces, gamut mappings, and rendering intents
Structure - Startup - Display types - Menu settings - Applications, tips - Issues
Using Gamutvision Part 2: Displays - A concise description of Gamutvision displays
3D L*a*b* - 2D L*a*b* Gamut - 2D L*a*b* Saturation - 2D a*b* Color difference - 2D/3D HL Color difference - 2D xy Saturation - 2D u'v' Saturation - HSL contours - BW density response - Image color difference
Image color analysis with Gamutvision - Analysis of individual images
2D Color difference - 3D Vectors - ColorChecker
Gamutvision Print Test - Measure print quality factors: color response, tonal response, and Dmax
Introduction - Instructions - Results
Equations - Algorithms and reference formulas
Difference formulas - Gamut volume - Light and color - Color models - HSV HSL equations
Defective Profiles - Finding a defective profile
Profile mystery - The case of the smudged pines
Black Point Compensation - What it really does
Camera and scanner profiles - Gamuts and mappings to working color spaces
Camera profile - Scanner profile - Luminous-Landscape Leica M8 Review
Printer gamuts - total and real (achieved in practice)
Real-world colors
Round trips - for finding defective printer profiles
Contact - About Imatest and Gamutvision, and how to reach us
Change Log - Gamutvision release history
Troubleshooting - What to do when Gamutvision doesn't work
Press release - Press release, Aug. 23, 2006
License - The Gamutvision End User License Agreement (EULA)